May to face reckoning for her Brexit betrayal?

Theresa May’s “worst deal in history” has been recognised by both Brexiteers and Remainers alike for what is – A contract of total capitulation and the surrendering of our British sovereignty to foreign rule without any possibly of ever breaking free.

So bad are the terms, that May could face a vote of no confidence in the House of Commons this Tuesday, not only on her Brexit deal but also in her government from her own party.

It’s not difficult to see how we arrived at this point: Theresa May is a ‘globalist’ and always has been. She supported the ‘Remainers’ and voted against Brexit and leaving the EU.

Curiously, in the wake of disgraced Tory ex-PM David Cameron’s resignation, Theresa May took the highest political office in the country and took charge of brokering a deal with the EU for Britain’s exit.

As with the majority of her ilk in the political class, May signed up many years ago for a career in politics at a time when Globalism, as a political ideology and agenda, was still largely unchallenged.

In signing up to the globalist agenda and representing globalist interests, May could secure a pay cheque for years to come.

However, today a new ideology is on the rise and challenging Globalism – National Popularism.

The Brexit vote was a sign.

So too was President Trump’s election and the voting in of subsequent nationalist popularist governments in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Austria and others including Brazil. 

The globalist agenda is under pressure.

Germany’s Angela Merkel has announced she is to step down as leader of her party amid the ongoing backlash against her Population Replacement program and inviting the entire Third World to swarm the European continent, and Paris is in flames after ex-Rothschild banker turned French President, Emmanuel Macron, invoked the wrath of French workers by hiking up fuel tax – before backing down, too late.

Globalism is running into stiff competition, but its proponents have staked everything on it working and will stop at no level of treachery to ensure their plans are forcibly imposed.

In 2017, the BNP questioned whether Theresa May was in fact placed in the premiership to sabotage Brexit.

In light of the ‘divorce deal’ she’s attempting to push through with the EU, it’s now plainly evident that her deal is just such a treacherous act, one that serves to sell out Britain and hand our sovereignty to the EU Brussels elite.

Theresa May is a traitor of the highest order!

The old political Establishment is faltering, but their clearly have no intention of going quietly.

Under building pressure, the old Establishment is becoming increasingly tyrannical and transparent which will, in the end, serve to hasten its collapse and bring about the rise of national popularism.

The BNP has been campaigning to bring about such a climate for decades, which is why the old Establishment has mercilessly attacked, slandered and persecuted BNP patriots at every turn.

With the rotten, old globalist Establishment on the back foot, we must seize the opportunity and press the advantage.

We need your help to step up the pressure and do just that to prevent the rotten old Establishment stealing our country from us and making us subject to foreign domination and rule.

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