Video: Brexit Betrayal of MPs and the Civil Service

Video: BNP Organiser Roger Tonks speaks about the Brexit Betrayal of MPs and the Civil Service.

In 2015, both Labour and the Conservatives promised in their manifestos that if either of them got elected, they would give us a referendum on the European Union.

On the 23rd of June 2016, we had that referendum, and we voted by 17.4 million votes to 16.3 million votes to leave the EU.

The next day David Cameron resigned, and then we had Theresa May made a speech saying that No Deal is better than a bad deal.

She then waited nine months before she revoked Article 50, and then two years to prepare for Brexit.

In 2017, Theresa May announced an unnecessary snap general election to get an increased majority for her government.

However, her plan failed.

Instead, there was now a minority Conservative government with the DUP holding the balance of power.

Therefore, the road to Brexit became less clear.

Brexit betrayal of MPs: No deal is better than a bad deal

Nevertheless, Theresa May kept repeating: “No deal is better than a bad deal.”

People kept waiting for something to happen, and then finally, in 2018, Theresa May came out with the Chequers agreement, which laid out the proposed relationship between the UK and the EU after Brexit.

However, two days after the Chequers Agreement, David Davis, the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator, resigned.

Four hours later, the UK’s Foreign Secretary and future Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, also resigned.

In November 2018, Theresa May announced that she had reached a Brexit deal with the EU.

However, two days later, four more government ministers resigned (including Dominic Rabb).

May then tried her Brexit deal through Parliament, but MPs rejected it three times.

When questioned about her quote (“No deal is better than a bad deal.”), she replied: “I was talking in the abstract”.

Brexit betrayal of MPs: Theresa May with the words "Putting a Remainer in charge of Brexit is like choosing a bank robber to guard a bank".

Finally, in June 2019, Theresa May resigned as Prime Minister.

No-Deal Brexit Hysteria

The desperate Remainers have engaged in Project Fear.

They’ve used phrases such as ‘cliff edge’, ‘crashing out’, and ‘scorched earth’ to describe a no-deal Brexit.

Despite the hysteria, Roger Tonks explains in the above video why there’s little to fear from a no-deal Brexit.

Not only do most MPs exist in a Westminster bubble, but also they are overwhelmingly pro-Remain.

They just cannot accept the largest democratic vote in British history — the vote to leave the EU.

MPs and the Civil Service are conspiring to keep us in the European Union.

They are doing their utmost to delay and put every obstacle they can think of on the road to Brexit.

The Brexit betrayal of MPs and the Civil Service has gone on long enough.

There will be a backlash — and it will be called the People versus Parliament.

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