Urgent Brexit Letter Campaign – Take Action Now!

The BNP has already played a huge role in the fight to free Britain from the foreign rule of the European Union.

If we stop the pressure, the corrupt politicians in Westminster will stab the British people in the back once again and derail Brexit.

The politicians must be forced to act on the will of the people and now is the time to remind them – We Voted To Leave The EU!

That’s why we’re rolling out a campaign to do just that!

It’s up to us British patriots to force the politicians to do the right thing, and we are the most committed group of patriots in Britain.

Because the Remain campaign is funded by billionaire globalists, we must dig deep to ensure our campaign to leave continues.

As always, they have underestimated our passion, determination and commitment.

Using mailing, emails, the internet, social media and letters for our members and supporters to send to the anti-Brexit traitors, we WILL keep up the pressure.

It’s no good appealing to MPs finer senses; we must threaten their seats on the gravy train.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Find the address of your local MP’s office – DOWNLOAD AND PRINT OFF THIS LETTER, put your name and address on it, sign it, put a stamp on the envelope, address the envelope and post it!
  2. Print or photocopy more of the letters and give them to family and friends to send to their MP (you can also send more copies from yourself, an old trick to put more pressure on the MPs)
  3. We must also run a powerful campaign from central office so please give your most generous donation by calling 0757 254 8669 this is more important than ever before!
  4. Send us as many stamps as you can!

It is TIME FOR ACTION, and I know that I can rely on you – a true British Patriot – to do one (OR ALL) of
the above simple steps to ensure that Britain can finally leave the hated EU!

Fighting for you,

Adam Walker
BNP Chairman

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