Ukip is the poor man’s BNP

Ukip is the poor man’s BNP

In other words, Ukip is an inferior substitute for the British National Party.

On Thursday 25th May 2017, the UK Independence Party (Ukip) launched their manifesto, which descended into the usual farce.

Ukip made pledges only notable for their similarity to long-standing British National Party policies.

Perhaps this is why some refer to Ukip as BNP-Lite.

Actually, some would say that Ukip was the rich man’s BNP because Ukip were heavily dependent on donations from ex-Tories.

This source of money is drying up along with their electoral support.

As ‘businessman’ Aaron Banks himself said last year, Ukip is “dead in the water”.

In truth, they were always a top-down movement.

They were the ‘anti-Establishment’ party that was very much part of the Establishment.

They were the ‘anti-mass migration’ party that courted the votes of Stoke’s burgeoning Islamic constituency.

Ukip activists outside mosque in Stoke.
Stoke 2017: Ukip activists trying to get Muslim votes

All this explains why the Main Stream Media (MSM) were willing to give them a lot of airtime.

Ukip had regular slots on TV political debates and a seemingly permanent seat on BBC’s Question Time.

The BNP’s Press Officer, David Furness, said, “Journalists told me that their bosses ordered them to hype up Ukip”.

However, the media perhaps never really expected a referendum, let alone a vote to leave the EU.

The collapse of Ukip (BNP-Lite)

Now that Britain has voted to leave the EU, Ukip doesn’t know where to go or what to do next.

UKIP is essentially a one issue party.

The inconvenient truth for Ukip is that their success actually came from stealing some of the BNP’s policies and slogans.

Support for Ukip has gone into a nosedive.

Furthermore, at the recent general election (2017), the average vote per constituency contested by Ukip decreased by an astonishing 77%.

In contrast, the average vote per constituency contested by the BNP increased by 132%.

BNP: Britain’s premier patriotic party

The British National Party understands that leaving the EU is a beginning, not an end.

The BNP are the true Brexiteers.

In 1982, the BNP warned of the dangers of political union in Europe. and it became BNP policy.

In 1993, Ukip stole that policy and formed a one-issue party.

The BNP is the genuine article, a ground-up alternative movement for the people.

We believe in defending the British majority and we will preserve our way of life.

That’s why the BNP was recently able to raise more money than Ukip, in donations over the last summer.

Finally, why not join Britain’s premier patriotic party, and become involved!




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