UK sovereignty is not negotiable

We need to tell the EU that UK sovereignty is not negotiable.

UK sovereignty: The words No thank EU in yellow against a blue background
Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will lead to a loss of UK sovereignty

The Boris Johnson EU deal will destroy UK sovereignty

Brexit fatigue has now set in after more than three years of negotiating with the European Union.

There is a fear that if we don’t get a deal — any deal — then the UK will never get out of the EU.

Therefore, many have welcomed the Boris Johnson EU deal because they want to ‘Get Brexit Done’.

However, it would be a huge mistake not to cast a critical eye over the deal.

Boris Johnson’s deal seems to be Theresa May’s deal with a bit of tweaking.

In other words, a Brexit in name only deal.

There are two parts of the Boris deal — the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) and the Political Declaration (PD).

The WA states there will be a transition period that could last years and could be extended.

Furthermore, during the WA, the UK will still be in the EU’s Customs Union and Single Market.

During the transition period, the UK will also have to obey the European Courts of Justice.

To make matters worse, the UK will become non-voting members.

So, we will have no voice and no vote while the European Union rules over us.

In theory, the EU could pass a law making it illegal for any member state to leave the European Union.

And the Remainer MPs in Parliament would not have the backbone or inclination to fight against it.

UK sovereignty: A divided United Kingdom is now a reality

The biggest problem with the Boris deal is that it treats Northern Ireland differently from the rest of the UK.

There will be checks on goods traded between Britain and Northern Ireland.

So, Northern Ireland will be effectively still in the EU for a long time after the transition period.

Therefore, the United Kingdom will lose part of its sovereignty.

This plan is all part of the European Union’s ambition — to divide and conquer!

We do not want political union with the European Union

What we want is a trade deal with the EU — without political union.

However, the European Union wants to destroy the sovereignty of each member nation.

The EU is utterly committed to a full economic, monetary, and political union for all member states.

That is one reason why Michel Barnier (the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator) keeps saying the integrity of the EU Single Market is ‘not negotiable’.

The UK should tell the EU that the integrity and sovereignty of the United Kingdom are not negotiable!

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