Swarm of ISIS brides and their children attempting to enter Britain

Britain is facing an influx of ISIS brides attempting to re-enter Britain.

At the height of the ISIS onslaught on the Syrian nation, scores of ‘British’ Muslim women left Britain and travelled to the Middle East to provide brides for Islamist terrorists.

With the collapse of their ill-fated “caliphate”, ISIS brides and their children are now swarming to Britain with the aim of living off British taxpayer’s handouts, while threatening the security of the nation and the lives of British people.

On Tuesday, the UK Home Office announced it had revoked the citizenship of Shamima Begum after uproar over news that the 19-year-old ISIS bride, who says she doesn’t regret joining the terrorist group, sought to be flown back to Britain.

Now the government authorities are calling the swarm of Muslim jihadis returning to Britain a “headache”.

Given the outrage of the Government accepting hundreds of Muslim men into Britain and lying to the British people, by calling them “children”, we can expect the authorities to do the same with ISIS brides and their offspring.

According to Colonel Richard Kemp there are currently 23,000 known Islamist jihadis operating on the street of Britain today.

Under the US definition, Britain is a rogue state for harbouring Islamist terrorists.

The fact is that the British government and their authorities are a threat to the lives of the British people.

The BNP is unequivocally clear on their position – ANY and ALL British citizens who leave the country to provide support and fight for a declared enemy of our state MUST have their citizenship immediately revoked and their British passport cancelled.

The right of the British people to live safety MUST be the first and only consideration of a responsible government.

The BNP is the ONLY political party which puts the safety and well-being of the British people first, every single time.

We need your help to continue to hold the corrupt political class to task for their endless betrayal of the British people. We need to apply enough pressure to force them to do the right thing.

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