Stoke City Football Club issues an official statement about the BNP

“Stoke City is aware that the BNP candidate in next Thursday’s Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election, David Furness, recently posted online an election video filmed in a car park at the Bet365 Stadium.

“He did so without first seeking permission from the Club, which would have been refused in any case.

“The Club wishes to make it clear that it in no way supports his views or those of the BNP.”

Stoke City Football Club Official Statement

Watch the video that has ruffled a few feathers in Stoke can be viewed here.

This story and video were picked up by the left-wing The Independent newspaper.

Stoke City Football Club confirms it does not support the BNP

It’s ironic that The Independent has used the BNP’s video without first seeking permission.

The story was also mentioned in The Stoke Sentinel newspaper and The Metro newspaper.

David Furness commented:

“I would like to thank Stoke City Football Club for the publicity.

“Since the story came out, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing with calls from the media and from callers with words of support!

“What Stoke City Football Club do not realise is that while we were filming the video, we were being watched by one of Stoke’s first-team players. After we completed the video, that player then gave me the thumbs-up!”

Among other policies, the British National Party will put British people first, provide housing, rebuild our NHS, and ensure that our hard-pressed pensioners and the 1.7Million children in Britain currently living in severe poverty are the first to receive aid.

Apparently, Stoke City Football Club does not support the above policies.

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