Remainer traitors : “You voted wrong, vote again!”

The anti-British traitors collectively known as the Labour Party and the Lib-Dems are joining forces to derail our Brexit. 

But a deeper, more sinister plot is openly being planned and without any real opposition. Democracy, the will of the people, is also under threat in the most blatant display of hypocrisy we’ve seen so far.

You can vote – but it will be overturned if you dare to vote against their anti-British agenda. That’s the message that these Leftwing Globalists are telling the British electorate. Now they’re try to deny the will of the British People and force ANOTHER referendum and another, in an attempt to fatigue the British voter into until giving way to their tyranny.

Ours is a fight that far exceeds Brexit, it is a struggle to uphold the fundamental democratic principles that underpin our entire society! 

The anti-British Eurocrats have done this before; TWICE to the Irish people, in 2001 and 2008, when their people voted against the Lisbon Treaty. In both cases, the re-running of the election caused disillusionment in the democratic system and voter fatigue and, predictably, the pro-EU camp won.

This happened again in to the French in 2005, and to the Danes in 1992 – both times having their election results overturned! 

Those who refuse to accept the democratic will of the People are traitors to their nation and their fellow countrymen, and to the founding principles of democracy. They must be called out and opposed at all costs!

As a British Patriot, you know that a strong BNP is the only true force in British politics that can and will stand rock solid in defence of our race, nation and our democratic principles.

The political Left ARE committed forcing us all to submit to their tyranny. Today I’m asking you to jopin the fight by funding the Resistance. Please make the largest donation you can today and fight for our democratic freedom.

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