The price of Brexit: is it worth it?

Forget emotion and look at the facts — the price of Brexit is worth it!

Price of Brexit: is it worth it? Yes, it is.

Remainers will not accept the EU referendum result.

The European Union referendum of 2016 was the most significant democratic vote in our history.

It resulted in a decisive vote to leave the European Union.

It was a tremendous shock to the ruling elite, and many have still not got over it.

Therefore, Remainers have become increasingly desperate.

The referendum ballot paper and other excuses

They say that we must stop a no-deal Brexit because it “wasn’t on the ballot paper”.

However, they remain silent when it’s pointed out that leaving the EU with a deal was also not on the ballot paper.

Furthermore, the Remainers argue that we must cater to those who disagreed with the Leave vote — otherwise, we will “tear ourselves apart”.

This hysterical attitude is symptomatic of their refusal to accept that they lost.

The result has led to years of abuse from the Remainers with no end in sight.

The Remainers have fear of the unknown

The Remainers’ arguments include:

  • The price of leaving is too high
  • We cannot go it alone in an interconnected world
  • Fear of the unknown, so why take the risk?

The UK pays the EU £1 billion per month for the privilege of having an £80 billion per year trade deficit with the European Union.

Furthermore, a no-deal Brexit will save us £39 billion.

Freed from the EU’s common external tariff, we will be able to have cheaper import prices, particularly food prices.

Leaving the EU will stop us from ever joining the disastrous eurozone.

When we leave the European Union, the UK will be the EU’s biggest export market.

So, contrary to Project Fear scare stories, they will still want to trade with us.

However, the European Union will do its utmost to get the UK to sign a Brexit in name only deal.

Therefore, we need to have self-confidence at this time.

The price of Brexit: Is it worth it?

We want a trade deal with no political or monetary union.

We must retain control of our sovereignty!

The EU has a free trade deal with Canada, so why can’t the European Union have a free trade deal with the UK?

The price of Brexit: is it worth it?

The answer is yes!


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