British soldiers’ lives are one of the most valuable assets this nation has, and should only be risked in conflicts in which British interests are directly affected.

This simple and logical core belief is paramount to the defence policy of the British National Party, which demands self-sufficiency for our island nation in all aspects.

As such, the BNP is committed to withdrawing from the illegal and immoral foreign wars in the Middle East, and the prosecution for war crimes of all Westminster officials who deliberately tricked this nation into those conflicts which have cost £Billions and hundreds of British lives.

The people to be prosecuted for war crimes will include the leaders of the parliamentary political parties who supported these wars – the Labour Party’s Blair and Brown, the Tory’s Hague, Duncan Smith, Howard and Cameron – and all officials who conspired to prepare the pack of lies which provided the “justification” for these foreign invasions.

A BNP government will never commit British troops to any conflict which does not directly affect British interests – ever!

Britain can only be safe if it is able to defend itself without being dependent on any other country. Britain therefore needs to have a credible and independent defence against all threats – and the ability to use this wisely.

The BNP believes firmly in a policy of armed neutrality.

Successive cuts in defence spending have left Britain’s armed forces perilously weak. We will boost Britain’s armed forces to ensure that they are able to deal with any emergency, and defend our homeland and our independence.

We will:

  • Strengthen our conventional forces
  • Oppose the forming of an EU Army and halt the merging of our Armed Forces into an EU super force
  • Only commit British forces when British national interests are at stake
  • Review Britain’s membership of NATO
  • Rebuild the armed forces to 2010 manpower levels and capability
  • Restore national service for our young with the option of civil or military service
  • Retain a genuinely independent nuclear deterrent and produce all our weaponry in Britain
  • Refuse to risk British lives in meddling ‘peacekeeping’ missions in parts of the world where no British interests are at stake

The time has come for change.