No Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Rewarding criminal activity by giving an amnesty to illegal immigrants is morally wrong.

David Lammy MP

It’s amazing how David Lammy (the Member of Parliament for Tottenham) sees our capital city in purely economic terms.

He is calling for an amnesty for London’s estimated 300,000 illegal immigrants.

I believe that this figure of 300,000 is a gross underestimate!

Mr. Lammy states that, by giving amnesty to these illegal immigrants, the economy would be boosted by additional tax revenue.

This simplistic view ignores the fact that most illegal immigrants are low-skilled and if they are working then most would not earn enough to pay any taxes.

The government would then top-up the small incomes of the newly formed legal immigrants with all sorts of benefits: housing benefit, council tax benefit, child support, tax credits, and free health care.

They would then be allowed to bring over their families, and ‘dependants’ – all of whom would be housed either by local councils or they would be given generous housing benefits.

This process is known as ‘chain migration’.

Let’s not forget the cost of free schooling and health care, attendance allowance, grants, increased pressure on housing, and increased congestion.

No longer fearing deportation, they would not be shy in claiming every benefit available.

The costs to the public purse would far outweigh any increase in tax revenue due to an amnesty.

The truth is they have broken the law by illegally entering our country.

And they have illegally benefitted from their criminal activities.

It does not make sense to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.

There are plenty of people who would be willing to do their jobs on their deportation.

How many British people were deprived of the opportunity of employment, better housing, better education, and increased social mobility?

Can you imagine the unstoppable tsunami of illegal immigrants that will pour into our overcrowded country once it’s known that they’re almost certain to get amnesty as long as they evade capture for a few years?

Rewarding lawbreakers is wrong.

The British National Party stands up for law-abiding citizens, and we say No Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants.




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