NHS crisis: Parents urged to keep sick children away from doctors and hospitals


NHS Stay Well Pharmacy Campaign

National Health Service (NHS) bureaucrats have said that millions of families are wasting NHS resources by taking their sick children to see the doctor and by visiting the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department at the local hospital.

The NHS Stay Well Pharmacy Campaign will be on television and social media.

It will seek to persuade parents that their sick children might be better off getting treatment at home or the high street pharmacy.

However, this advice could put children at risk because most parents are not doctors and therefore they might be unaware of potentially lethal symptoms.

Recently, a child died after the parents delayed taking their child to the A&E department.

The parents hesitated because the local hospital had issued an appeal urging people not to go to A&E because it ‘was unable to cope’.

The NHS crisis

The reason for the NHS crisis is primarily excessive immigration.

Because of immigration, the UK is adding at least 10,000 people per week to the population.

It’s inevitable that this will have an enormous adverse effect on the NHS.

However, the mainstream media (MSM) will tell you that immigration has no affect whatsoever on the NHS.

Furthermore, the MSM is calling for more immigration!

The MSM keep repeating the myth that ‘the NHS would collapse if we did not have immigrants’.

The NHS has already collapsed!

Stopping all immigration

The British National Party believes that excessive immigration into Britain has been a disaster and must be stopped.

Therefore, the BNP is the only party that’s calling for a moratorium on immigration.

It’s not only the NHS that’s in crisis; housing, public finances, and school places are now also adversely affected by immigration.

An astonishing 85% of the British public agree with the BNP—immigration is too high.



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