New mosque to be built on Eastenders set

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Islamophiles at the BBC have announced that a new Eastenders set costing £15Million will feature “a prominent” place of worship for Muslims.

A super mosque will now be situated just around the corner outside of Albert Square to mark the colonisation of Islam.

A source said the new set will “be as authentic as East London today, including a mosque.”

Curiously, East London was already 30% Muslim way back in 2011.

Today, the Muslim population in the area will far exceed that figure.

Given the BBC’s obsession with racial quotas and “authenticity”, the question remains why the BBC hasn’t made the Eastenders cast 30%+ Muslim to reflect the areas current demographic?

Could BBC bosses have recognised that British people at large would be up in arms if they realised the true extent of Muslim colonisation in their capital city?

As it stands, just one Muslim family currently resides in the fictitious Albert Square.

But that saved ‘born again’ Christians, such as the soap-veteran Dot, being condemned to huddling in a Christian community centre while their new-Brit ‘friends’ enjoy an expense new mosque.

The BBC’s ‘commitment to authenticity’ ends, however, when it comes to depictions of British historical figures being Black.

We might ask why they act in such an ignoble way, but one ‘progressive’ BBC storywriter has already answered the question:

“We’ve kind of got to tell a lie,” Steven Moffat told BBC journalists.

“We’ll go back into history and there will be black people where, historically, there wouldn’t have been, and we won’t dwell on that.

“We’ll say, ‘to hell with it, this is an imaginary, better version of the world.

“By believing in it, we’ll summon it forth.”

So, it’s a case of the BBC flagrantly attempting to indoctrinate young people and the falsify their history for Leftwing political ends.

There we have it.

The taxpayer-funded corporation has not only declared its commitment to ‘blackwashing’ and fabricating history, but is also actively attempting to socially engineer British society by banning Whites from internships and projecting its ‘utopian’ multi-racial future of Britain.

The BBC is embracing Islamisation too, even parroting the laughable lie that Islam is a “religion of peace”:

Following the Islamic State terror attacks in Paris, Leftwing apologists widely praised a “meaning of Islam” speech in the show [Eastenders], when Tamwar Masood argued Islam was a peaceful, non-political ideology to his non-Muslim girlfriend.


It appears that the BBC is not only in collusion with the Islamic invasion of Britain but is actively partaking in the Islamic practise of ‘Takiya’ too – lying to unbelievers to further its conquests.

In another plot, the BBC addressed the horrors that thousands of young British girls continue to suffer at the hands of Muslim Rape Gangs – except the writers swapped Muslim men for White men.

The Leftwing ‘progressives’ at the BBC are either dangerously ignorant of Islam or intentionally misinforming viewers.

Besides their decades-old neo-Marxist agenda of dismantling and destroying all of Western culture, the Islamophiles at the BBC have a single priority in mind:

Feed the Islamist beast in the hope that it’ll eat them last.



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