Nationalism is on the rise because of the EU

Nationalism is on the rise in Europe because of the European Union.

Nationalism is on the rise: vintage British flag


The EU is determined to destroy the nation-states of Europe.

In his speech on the state of the [EU] Union 2012, former President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso said:

“We must not allow the populists and the nationalists to set a negative agenda.”

So, the European Union will never allow any member nation to disrupt its plans for total political union and domination.

That’s why the EU ⁠— supported by the ruling elite and the mainstream media ⁠— derides nationalism and demonises nationalists.

Even though the European Union hates nation-states, it has all the trappings of a nation.

The irony is that the EU has a parliament, a currency, a flag, a supreme court, a central bank, and even an anthem!

The EU anthem (which is the unofficial German anthem) is based on Ode to Joy’ from the final movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

The United Nations allows the European Union the right of representation. In other words, the UN treats the EU as a nation.

Other EU members are quite happy to surrender their sovereignty to the EU Empire.

However, at the EU referendum 2016, the majority of voters  ⁠— 17.4 million ⁠— were not happy to give up the sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

Because of the EU’s attitude, people throughout Europe are waking up.

Therefore, nationalism is on the rise.

Nationalism on the rise: hysterical Guy Verhofstadt

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit Coordinator in the Brexit negotiations, illustrates the hostile attitude of the European Union.

Here are some of his hysterical quotes:

“A Europe of nations is a relic of the past.”

“The ultimate consequence of identity thinking is the gas chambers of Auschwitz.”

“Why is there such a problem in this crisis? Because member states are reluctant to transfer new sovereignty and powers to the European Union. And we all know that the only way out of this crisis is a new transfer of powers to the European Union and the European Institutions.”

“If the British government wants to make savings, it can join the euro; it can give the European Union more powers and responsibilities.”

“Without the European Union, this continent is a continent of disputes, war, and even that of genocide.”

“We must dare to take an even more radical leap: a leap towards a fully-fledged European nationality.”

Infographic: Irony of the Remainers who say Brexiteers are harking back to Empire days, yet Guy Verhofstadt wants an EU Empire

At the recent anti-democratic Lib Dems conference, Verhofstadt said that the European Union wants a new world order without nation-states or countries.

We now know the hostile attitude of the European Union towards proud sovereign nations.

The only way to stop this nonsense is to leave the EU, and I don’t mean a ‘Brexit in name only’ deal.

The BNP is the original Brexit Party. We will never surrender our precious sovereignty to the European Union or anyone else!

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