Labour MP Keith Vaz suspended from Parliament

Shamed Labour MP Keith Vaz faces the most prolonged House of Commons suspension of all time after a clandestine meeting with male prostitutes.

Labour MP Keith Vaz with male prostitutes

Mr Vaz must now face a six-month suspension from Parliament.

The Commons Standards Committee said the Labour MP showed “disregard for the law” by trying to buy cocaine in a rendezvous with two prostitutes.

The Committee ruled that Vaz’s behaviour was a “very serious breach” of MP’s Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, the Code states that MPs must not “damage the reputation and integrity of the Commons”.

The suspension will likely trigger a recall petition against the disgraced MP, which would allow voters to force a by-election.

The MP for Leicester East tried to hide his real identity from the male prostitutes saying his name was Jim.

The front page of the Sunday Mirror, 4th September 2016.

He also told the two men that he was a washing machine salesman.

The scathing report from the Conduct Committee stated that Keith Vaz did not fully cooperate with their investigation.

The MP had offered several defences for his behaviour:

  • Someone spiked his drink
  • He developed amnesia
  • Somebody doctored the video recording of the sordid event
  • He invited the two male prostitutes to his flat only to discuss interior decoration

He resigned as the Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee after news of the scandal broke.

However, despite protests, Vaz was quickly appointed to the Justice Select Committee.

Keith Vaz: The ‘Teflon MP’

Keith Vaz is also known as the Teflon MP because he has survived numerous scandals.

While arranging the meeting with prostitutes, the Labour MP Keith Vaz told them to “Try and pick up some poppers” — a reference to the chemical, amyl nitrate.

These ‘poppers’ have various nicknames such as TNT, Thrust, Rock Hard, and Ram.

In 2016, Keith Vaz argued in Parliament that the Psychoactive Substances Bill, that sought to ban ‘legal highs’, should exclude amyl nitrate.

Investigations began during 2001 over allegations that Mr Vaz helped process the UK passport application of one of the Indian billionaire Hinduja brothers, who gave £1million towards the Millennium Dome.

The Hindujas had paid Fernandes Vaz — the legal firm run by the MP’s wife — for work on visas.

Furthermore, in 2002, the Conduct Committee suspended the Labour MP from Parliament for a month after allegations of receiving illicit money.

In 2009, there were allegations that Vaz wrote to a High Court judge trying to halt proceedings against a solicitor’s firm, which had lavished hospitality on him.

Also, in 2009, Keith Vaz was caught up in an expenses scandal.

He claimed over £75,000 for a Westminster apartment, even though his million-pound family home is only twelve miles from Parliament.

It’s time to drain the Westminster Swamp — Labour MP Keith Vaz should be the first to go!

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