Keir Starmer exposed by the brutal truth

ITV’s Good Morning Britain (GMB) interviewed Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary.

Starmer was clearly uncomfortable when asked about the Labour Party’s stance towards Brexit.

Despite Labour promising to respect the EU referendum result, he said it would be left to the people to decide in a second referendum.

Piers Morgan asked Keir Starmer:

“Why would the EU give you a good deal if they know that you’re actively going to campaign against it?”

In other words, the European Union will have every incentive to offer us a Brexit in name only deal (BRINO).

Therefore, if Labour wins the election and goes through with a second referendum, then the two options on the ballot paper will be: BRINO (=Remain) or Remain.

BNP confronts Keir Starmer

Labour Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer was rattled when he was asked a simple question by the British National Party on European Election Day 2019.

The BNP came across Mr Starmer in Camden, London.

Keir Starmer is a Remainer

Notice the defensive ‘crossing of the arms’ in the following video.

When Keir Starmer (a Remainer) crossed his arms, it indicated that he didn’t want to listen to any differing opinions.

By crossing his arms, he was also showing that he was feeling insecure and vulnerable.

Turkey’s Erdogan orders re-run of Istanbul election

President Erdogan defends Istanbul election re-run amid protests. Keir Starmer said Labour's plan for another EU referendum is not similar
President Erdogan defends Istanbul election re-run amid protests

Since the BNP are the original Brexiteers, it was appropriate to ask whether a second EU referendum would be similar to Turkish President Erdogan’s decision to re-run Istanbul’s mayoral election, which returned a narrow win for the opposition to the ruling AK Party.

Caught on camera, Keir Starmer said sheepishly that Labour’s plan for a second EU referendum is not the same as Erdogan’s proposal to re-run Istanbul’s mayoral elections. I disagree because Starmer has confirmed that Labour’s Brexit stance is either a deal to leave the EU or to remain in the EU.

Labour’s plan boils down to Leave or Remain — the same choice given to voters in the EU Referendum 2016.

Labour’s proposal would be different if the options on the ballot paper were Deal or No Deal.

The Turkish President said a re-run of the Istanbul election would represent “an important step to strengthen [Turkish] democracy”.

However, a political opponent of Erdogan wrote that overruling the will of the people is “plain dictatorship”.

He also added such a move is “neither democratic nor legitimate”.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said the decision is “incomprehensible to us”.

The French Government also said the Turkish authorities needed to show “respect for democratic principles”.

So, the decision to re-run Istanbul’s election — because the losing side didn’t like the result — has attracted widespread condemnation.

Labour’s plan for Brexit

The Labour Party wants to have a second referendum vote on the EU.

Therefore, the desire for a second referendum means that Labour does not respect democracy.

The losers (Remainers) cannot accept defeat, just like the losers in Istanbul’s Mayoral Elections.

The principle is the same – no respect for democracy!

Brexit Betrayal: Keir Starmer said Labour wants a second referendum

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