Johnson imposes tyrannical measures on beleaguered Brits while thousands party in Wuhan

Boris Johnson’s government has imposed the level of ‘very high alert’ (Tier 3) on millions across Britain, forcing even greater tyrannical oppression on the general public while thousands gather for pool parties and DJs in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the origin of the COVID-19.

Earlier this week, ghoulish Health Secretary Matt Hancock – amid a talk of a proposed pay rise for MPs – declared further ‘lockdown’ measures on desperate businesses and beleaguered British citizens.

Months ago, Johnson and his health advisors promised the British people a COVID-19 ‘second wave’ and, for once, they’ve stuck to their word.

According to the politicians and their mainstream media mouthpieces, Britain is now experiencing a second wave. While the general public appear to be oblivious to this scourge, more and more people, including some Tory MPs, are seeing through this mass deception.

Set against the backdrop of endless fear-mongering by the politicians and their mainstream media mouthpieces they painted a horrific picture and terrified the vulnerable.

Today, we see more and more draconian “lockdowns” as an out-of-control government again places millions of Brits under house arrest.

Hospitals remain largely empty and the horrific spectre of people dropping in the streets never materialised.

Instead, the government has crippled Britain with eye-watering level of debt which will be felt for generations of Brits to come; crashed hundreds of thousands of businesses and wrecked the lives of millions.

With the average age of death from COVID “cases” remaining at 82-years-old (curiously the age for life-expectancy of the average Brit), mortality figures for this year so far place 2020 in 7th place in the last thirty years.

Johnson and his government are drunk on power, with no effective official opposition, they believe they can get away with doing what they like without political repercussions.

Johnson and his ilk are now a serious threat to the freedoms, well-being and lives of the British people.

The fact that communist China is, at this time, more free than Johnson’s Britain is a huge wake up call – ACTION MUST BE TAKEN!

The one thing the politicians fear is the British people uniting to hold them to account – that’s why they’ve always feared the British National Party.

It’s time to make your voice heard!

If, for any reason, you are unable to join a political party, you can do your bit today by donating over the phone by calling 0757 254 8669 or donating online here.



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