Islamophobia: BNP takes part in televised debate

David Furness, the British National Party’s Press Officer, has taken part in a televised debate on Islamophobia.

The edited highlights are shown in the following video:

David, a former London Mayoral candidate in 2016, agreed to be on the panel at the filmed event held in Imam Khoei Islamic Centre, London.

As Britain’s only genuinely patriotic political party, the BNP spokesman was invited to give an alternate opinion from the politically-correct drivel we usually hear from the mainstream politicians.

The British National Party has led the call in stating that Islam, by its very nature, is incompatible with modern secular Western democracy.

David Furness said:

We must be willing to have a rational debate with those in the Muslim community who wish to see an end to Islamic extremism.

The other political parties are too cowardly and afraid to speak out.

As the BNP is the party leading the debate on Islamisation, we have to engage in civil dialogue with our political opponents and those with whom we disagree.

David Furness was the only panelist with a differing opinion; therefore he received most of the questions.

Among the many topics discussed were Islamophobia and Donald Trump.

An open and honest discussion about Islam

Initially, the audience members were hostile to David, but afterward, they shook hands with the BNP representative and thanked him for participating in an open and honest discussion about Islam.

After thanking the community of Imam Khoei Islamic Centre for their warm hospitality, David said:

If we are to solve the massive problems that we face in Britain, it’s essential for people who have differing opinions to engage in sensible and rational dialogue rather than name-calling and the use of slur words.

We can no longer rely on the corrupt political Establishment to do that.

Thank God, we have the BNP.





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