Islam, Immigration, Knife Crime and more…

With the Brexit fiasco still dominating the news I would like to thank everyone who has joined our huge campaign to keep the pressure on their MPs and who have done all they can to take Brexit forward – the campaign is ongoing, so please keep those donations and those books of stamps coming.

I would like to remind you that the British National Party, unlike the one trick pony UKIP, is much more than just an anti-EU party!

We are true British Patriots and as British politics is now at an all-time low, with everyone seeing the politicians for the squabbling, selfish and untrustworthy bunch they truly are, now more than EVER before, Britain needs the BNP!

Who is talking about uncontrolled immigration that is continuing to destroy our nation?

Which political party is standing firm against the radical Islamisation of our homeland that is becoming more dangerous by the day and threatening everything we hold dear?

Who has always told the truth and has been proven right time and time again?

The British National Party that’s who!

Without the BNP, no one would have even been able to talk about immigration, never mind openly campaign to stop it! Without a strong and viable BNP, patriots like you would have no voice and the freedom of speech we have all fought so hard for.

We would again be silenced by the left-wing zealots who we continually oppose!

My message to you today is simple: Renew your membership, join up a friend or family member, send a book of stamps and write that cheque to donate to our current Brexit campaign, take action now.

We must keep our beloved party strong. They are an essential part of our ability to move forward.

We don’t get government money, we are not financed by the unions, we have not sold our principles to billionaire globalists!

We are a party of the British people, for the British people, and we survive because of patriots like you – the very best Britain has to offer – TAKE POSITIVE ACTION.

Help keep your BNP IN THE FIGHT so we can continue to fight for you and your family!

Fighting for you,

Adam Walker
BNP Chairman

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