The Biggest Immigration Myth Explained

The biggest immigration myth is the lie that we need immigration to solve ‘the skills shortage’.

Immigration myth: UK flag with the words 'Immigration open your eyes'.

City bosses, employers, and politicians are all saying that we must have immigration otherwise the country will collapse.

This fixation on immigration is foolish.

Immigration is a permanent solution to a temporary problem if there is a skills shortage.

If there are skills shortages in Britain, then our schools and universities are not doing a good enough job.

Despite students achieving a record number of grade A passes, employers say they can’t get skilled workers in the UK.

They are not telling the truth.

Employers can’t get the staff they need because they want to pay low wages.

I know the tricks that employers can get up to when they want to increase their profits.

NHS computer system fiasco British flag with the words: The NHS is a great British institution. Save our NHS.

Having worked in the computer industry for a long time, I saw one reason large-scale computer systems fail.

American companies came to Britain to recruit British computer staff not because they were better than their American counterparts.

They did so because British computer software engineers were far cheaper to employ.

Similarly, British companies then started to recruit workers from India because they were far cheaper to employ.

As a result, tens of thousands of British computer staff lost their jobs.

Consequently, large computer systems began to fail regularly.

In 2011, the axe fell on Labour’s £12billion NHS computer system.

British Airways (BA) fiasco Immigration myth: image of a British Airways jumbo jet.

In 2017, BA suffered a severe computer system failure.

BA cancelled all its flights out of London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports for a few days.

The failure happened on a Bank Holiday weekend.

Therefore, BA’s recently installed computer system had suffered its sixth major crash in one year.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that BA made seven hundred very experienced British computer staff redundant.

Perhaps it’s just another coincidence that BA outsourced their computer work to very inexperienced Indian workers.

The real reason for the May 2107 British Airways computer failure has never been public. 

More IT problems at British Airways

In August 2019, yet more computer failures led to relentless disruption for British Airways passengers. 

Additionally, in 2018, cyber-attackers stole the personal details of half a million BA customers. 

Temporary Work Permits v Passports

Britain could issue temporary work permits instead of passports for any foreign workers.

Many parts of the world use this system.

However, strict controls must be in place.

These permits must be for genuine skill shortages — not for employers who want to avoid paying a decent wage.

Meanwhile, we can train and teach the required skills to those already here.

Immigration myth debunked
No amnesty, secure the borders, and deport the illegals

So, it’s an immigration myth that we must give passports to every foreign worker.

And we don’t have to give a permanent right of settlement to their children, and their dependents.

As Enoch Powell once said, “We must be mad, literally mad!”

The BNP will stop all further immigration into Britain until we can sort out the immigration shambles.





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