Video – Politicians are ignorant about Islam


David Furness, Press Officer and National Spokesman for the British National Party, explains why politicians are ignorant about Islam.

Only non-Muslims believe that Islam is just a religion—it’s not!

Islam is a religion like no other religion.

Islam differs from other religions is because of its political doctrine.

Muslims are forbidden to have a religious relationship with non-Muslims.

Therefore the relationship that Islam has with mon-Muslims is political, not religious.

It is this political doctrine that is a threat to us; it’s not the religious doctrine of Islam or Muslims that are the threat.

64% of the Koran is about the non-Muslim.

Here are some verses from the Koran which illustrates Islam’s attitude to non-Muslims (the word for non-Muslims in the Koran is ‘Kafir’):

  • The Kafir is hated                                       (chapter 40 verse 35)
  • A Kafir can be beheaded                           (chapter 47 verse 4)
  • A Kafir can be plotted against                 (chapter 86 verse 15)
  • A Kafir can be terrorised                          (chapter 8 verse 12)
  • A Kafir can be humiliated                        (chapter 9 verse 29)
  • A Muslim is not the friend of the Kafir (chapter 3 verse 28)
  • A Kafir is cursed                                         (chapter 33 verse 61)

The Koran comprises only about 15% of total Islamic doctrine.

The other 85% is taken up by the Sira (Mohammed’s biography) and the Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed).

Mohammed had no success with Islam until he made it a political system and used Jihad against all who opposed him.

So, it’s important to read the Sira and the Hadith because to fully understand Islam, you have to understand Mohammed.

67% of the Sira is devoted to Jihad.

Jihad has claimed the lives of an estimated 270 million non-Muslims in 1400 years.

However, there are many forms of Jihad, not just violent Jihad.

In 1991, the Muslim Brotherhood used the phrase ‘Civilisation Jihad’ in its strategic plan called ‘The Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal of the Group in North America’.

The strategic plan outlined that Civilisation Jihad would be used to destroy Western civilisation from within.

There are many components of Civilisation Jihad:

Whether violent Jihad or non-violent Jihad is used to transform a non-Muslim country, the ultimate goal is the same—global submission to Islam.

Politicians are ignorant about Islam.

Whenever violent Jihad attacks occur, the politicians almost always say it’s got nothing to do with Islam; such statements show they are ignorant about Islam.

Also, the politicians refuse to acknowledge the non-violent forms of Jihad such as Demographic Jihad.

Therefore, I suggest that Members of Parliament read the trilogy of Islamic sacred texts: The Koran, the Sira and the Hadith because at the moment MPs have no idea of what they’re dealing with.



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