Hard-pressed Brits forced to pay £9billion to fund migrant invasion of Britain

More than 50 four-star hotels across Britain are providing plush accommodation for illegal immigrants at the expense of you and I, the British taxpayer according to the latest estimations.

It’s part of Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to force the British people to pay £4billion to house criminal migrants in plush accommodation as part of the politicians’ ongoing Population Replacement project.

The disgraced British premiere, currently wrecking the British economy through extreme health-and-safety lockdowns, is encouraging millions of Africans and Muslim from the Middle East to illegally cross numerous safe countries to reap our benefits in Britain.

According to the Daily Mail:

“The deal is shrouded in secrecy with Government officials refusing to say precisely how many hotels are being used and how many asylum seekers are staying in them.”

During the Government’s draconian lockdown of businesses beginning in April, scores of boats have landed daily on the English South coast packed with illegal migrants – overwhelmingly Muslim men of fighting age.

Boris Johnson and his Tory party have proved themselves a danger to the well being and lives of the British people.

With no effective opposition from Labour and any of Johnson’s anti-British policies, stepping up the pressure to hold the traitorous Tories to task falls on each and everyone of us.

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