Government – already agreed the UN Population Replacement pact – in latest betrayal of Brits

Theresa May and the political class have snubbed a petition with nearly 130,000 signatories to debate the UN contract on Population Replacement because “it has already been agreed by the UK Government” and doesn’t need the consultation of the British people.

Having already attempted to pass off on the British people what many of her fellow Tory MPs called the “worst deal in history” over Brexit, globalist shill Theresa May, has now signed Britain up to the latest United Nations’ Population Replacement initiative.

Last month, at a conference in Marrakech, Morocco, the world’s nations were asked to sign away their sovereignty, their freedoms and their identity in one of the most pernicious agreements ever devised by the UN; the justly infamous UN Global Compact for Migration under which nations cannot refuse the pouring of endless hordes of Third Worlders into their countries.

Theresa May signed the agreement without hesitation despite leading think tanks highlighting that it “all but violates” her own pledge to cut immigration.

Before the UN conference, lots of countries had already announced that they would refuse to sign the pact, among them the US, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Italy, Israel, Bulgaria and even Australia.

UN and its EU protect is actively aiding Third World criminals to flood Europe and other Western nations

There’s a clue as to how toxic this compact is – when even a country as emasculated and Politically Correct as Australia finds it too much to swallow, something must be wrong!

Essentially, the deal is to make Population Replacement of Western (White) nations through Mass Migration easier by silencing those who would speak out against by way of a barrage of hate-words, character assassination, slander and legal prosecution and government terror.

May confirmed before the conference that she would betray the British people by signing up to the scheme – and of course she would, because she’s a fully paid-up-and-pocketed globalist with a track record for betraying the British people.

Theresa May is a traitor of the highest order!

The fact of the matter is that the political class – comprised of both Labour and Tories – is a single entity subservient to the political agenda they signed up to last century, ‘globalism’.

The delusional and stale old Left still regard themselves is the ‘cool kids’ while bickering with their ‘uncool cranky uncle’ centre-Right Tories. On the ground they regard themselves are opposites, in the big scheme of things they are inseparable bedfellows, both of whom view nationalists and the will of the people (democracy) as the biggest threat to their existence and survival.

They hate the BNP – and all popularist nationalist political parties and leaders – because together we are the alternative to globalist Establishment and its pernicious agenda.

It’s why the British Government is so keen to sign up to implement draconian laws to silence opposition – they’ve already been subjecting their BNP opposition to them for decades – now they feel they can do it with a warrant from the UN.

We need your help to collectively step up the pressure and do just that to prevent the rotten old Establishment stealing our country from us and making us subject to foreign domination and rule.

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