Discover the solution to EU’s Irish Border problem


The European Union is exploiting the Irish border issue to try and keep the United Kingdom in the EU customs union and the single market (which is membership of the EU by the back door).

In other words, membership of the European Union in everything but name.

Another aim of the EU is to annex Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, produced a 120-page draft of a withdrawal treaty concerning the terms of Britain’s departure from the European Union.

The document includes an option of keeping Northern Ireland inside the EU customs union and therefore aligned to the European Union.

This option would threaten the constitutional integrity of the UK because there would be a difference in rules governing Northern Ireland and mainland UK concerning the EU.

So, the EU is threatening to stop negotiations unless the UK agrees to their ultimatum.

European Union bullies

The European Union believes that anything less than total submission to its plan for the border will lead to a ‘hard border’ between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Scaremongering tactics have been used by the EU fanatics who say that the ‘Good Friday agreement’ will be ruined.

In other words, the EU believes that if the UK starts checking cars, lorries, and people at the Northern Ireland border, then this will lead to extreme violence and the possibility of Ireland (North and South) going up in flames!

This scaremongering is nonsense.

Let’s not forget that Dave Cameron said World War Three would happen if a majority of people voted for Brexit.

Instead of the EU giving us options, we should provide the European Union with several options.

The Republic of Ireland should leave the European Union

This is not going to happen!

Ireland will not want to upset their socialist colleagues in the European Union.

Carry on after Brexit with a ‘soft border’

There should be no ‘regulatory alignment’ of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland because this would threaten the constitutional integrity of the UK.

Therefore, Northern Ireland will be out of the EU and the Republic of Ireland will be in the EU.

After Brexit, German cars could be more expensive in Northern Ireland, and Japanese could be cheaper.

So, those in Northern Ireland who want to buy a new German car can cross the border and buy it, saving themselves thousands of pounds.

Those in the Republic of Ireland who wish to purchase a new Japanese car after Brexit can cross the border and buy it, saving themselves thousands of pounds.

Such an arrangement would boost trade and would help the peace process.

However, this would avoid UK import taxes and EU import duties.

The fuss about the Irish border is really about money!

One way to stop evasion of import duties across the Irish border is to check every person and vehicle.

This is a ‘hard border’.

The EU believes this would be detrimental to trade and would destroy the Good Friday peace agreement.

The Norway/Sweden border

Norway is not in the EU, but Sweden is in the EU.

The customs checks are relatively light between the two countries.

Customs officers do not check every vehicle.

However, there are spot checks of commercial vehicles which act as a deterrent against evasion of import duties.

This is a ‘soft border’.

Therefore, it’s possible to have two countries (one EU and one non-EU) with a soft border.

Consequently, there is no need for ‘regulatory alignment’ of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland.

So, Theresa May should tell the European Union that the UK will not be bullied.

It’s now up to the European Union and the Republic to make the next move!



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