EU incites fear about the Irish border to stop Brexit

EU incites fear about the Irish border to stop Brexit.

Irish Border: The EU is threatening to have a hard border on this road!
The EU is threatening to have a hard border on this footpath!

Since the 2016 EU referendum, the European Union has portrayed the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as a problem.

Furthermore, the Irish border ‘problem’ is often depicted as unsolvable.

During the Brexit negotiations, the European Union has insisted that any withdrawal agreement should include a ‘backstop’.

The Irish backstop is a safety net that would prevent the reintroduction of a hard border in Ireland after Brexit.

European Union bullies

The European Union believes that anything less than total submission to its plan for the border will lead to a ‘hard border’ between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Scaremongering tactics have been used by the EU fanatics who say that the ‘Good Friday agreement’ will be ruined if there is a hard border.

In other words, the EU and the Remainers believe that if there are customs checks at the border, this will lead to extreme violence and the possibility of Ireland going up in flames!

This scaremongering is nonsense because there was never a hard border in Ireland.

No hard Irish border under any circumstances

In 2018, Jean-Claude Juncker and the Irish Prime Minister guaranteed no hard Irish border under any circumstances!

Now, however, it seems the Eurocrats have changed their minds.

In September 2019, EU Commission President Juncker said the EU will create a hard border to ‘preserve EU interests,’ and to protect Ireland.

This is a veiled threat to the UK.

Now that a ‘no-deal Brexit’ appears to be off the table, the EU is setting a trap.

It wants the UK government to agree to the Irish backstop which could keep the UK trapped indefinitely in the EU’s customs union, preventing the country from negotiating its own trade deals.

Such a scenario would make a mockery of the democratic EU referendum result.

The Norway/Sweden border

Norway is not in the EU, but Sweden is in the EU.

The customs checks are relatively light between the two countries.

Customs officers do not check every vehicle. However, there are spot checks of commercial vehicles which act as a deterrent against evasion of import duties.

The European Union has admitted that there are technological solutions available to it right now.

So, there is no need for the Irish backstop.

The European Union has always insisted the EU is a ‘peace process’ and that the EU’s primary purpose is to preserve the peace in Europe.

If the EU and Remainers believe a hard border will jeopardise peace in Ireland, then why does the EU have plans for such a border?

After ninety-eight years without a border, why should Northern Ireland now have one because the European Union says so?

Boris Johnson should tell the EU that the UK does not take kindly to veiled threats and we will not be bullied.

However long it takes, Brexit is our destiny!

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