Politically correct madness in Devon’s ‘Little White Town’

Politically correct madness breaks out in Devon’s ‘Little White Town’.

Politically correct madness in Devon’s ‘Little White Town’: Street sign of Bideford
Politically incorrect street sign in Bideford, Devon

Bideford in Devon is known as ‘The Little White Town’ but its signposts must now be changed because of racism complaints.

In 1850, Bideford battled outbreaks of cholera, and so, the council ordered limewashing of the houses.

Little White Town: The white houses of Bideford, Devon
The white houses of Bideford, Devon

In 1855 in his novel Westward Ho!, the author Charles Kingsley wrote about the “the little white town of Bideford”.

One hundred and sixty-four years later, political correctness reared its ugly head, and coucillors decided to change the signposts.

Bideford town councillor Dermot McGeough tabled a motion at the town council meeting.

He proposed that the council remove the offending words from all signs within the town and at the town entrances.

Cllr McGeough then used the phrases ‘racist slur’, ‘not politically correct’, and ‘racist white supremacist’ in his speech.

However, one sensible councillor called the proposal “political correctness gone mad”.

In a poll, most residents (69%) were horrified at the politically correct attitude of the councillors.

Nonetheless, the council decided to surrender to the politically correct demands to change the wording from ‘Little White Town’ to ‘Charles Kingsley’s “Little white town” (1855)’.

Katie Hopkins slammed the decision and said Bideford “… will ALWAYS be The Little White Town”.

Little White Town: White City in London could be the next target for a forced name change

There is an area of West London called White City in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.

Little White Town: map of White City in London

White City is home to major TV broadcasters and production companies.

White City Underground Station sign

TV shows filmed here include The Graham Norton Show, The Jonathan Ross Show, Good Morning Britain, This Morning and Loose Women.

The problem for the politically correct virtue signallers is that most residents of the White City Estate are non-white.

Furthermore, those residents haven’t complained about White City being a ‘racial slur’.

Those liberals who work for the BBC and ITV in White City have also not complained — not yet anyway!

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