Election Video: David Furness in Hornchurch

I’m standing as a parliamentary candidate for the Hornchurch and Upminster constituency in the London Borough of Havering.

During a busy day in Hornchurch, I spoke about the Brexit betrayal of the establishment parties:

The patriotic British National Party is the original Brexit party, and it has fought against a political union in Europe since 1982.

In the referendum of 2016, the voters gave the political class a direct instruction to leave the European Union.

As we all suspected, the political class was hellbent on sabotaging Brexit straightaway, in defiance of the electorate.

The Conservatives and the Labour Party had manifestos, in the 2017 general election, that promised to honour the referendum result.

Additionally, the Liberal Undemocratic Party and the Greens also promised to honour the result of the EU referendum.

However, these establishment political parties have reneged on their promises.

Brexit Betrayal of the establishment parties in Hornchurch

Don’t be fooled by the establishment parties!

Voter anger in Hornchurch and Upminster constituency

The constituency is located in the London Borough of Havering where 69.66% of voters in the EU referendum voted Leave.

Many Labour Leave voters are angry at the Brexit Party and Ukip for not standing in this election.

One voter told me:

Most Labour Leave voters would never vote for the Tories. At least you have now given me a choice. If it’s a choice between the Tories and the British National Party, then I will vote for the British National Party.

The Tories have sacrificed Northern Ireland to get a deal.

All MPs from Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) have rejected the Boris Johnson deal.

Labour wants a second referendum with the option to remain in the European Union.

The anti-democratic Lib Dems want to revoke Article 50 and keep us trapped in the European Union.

Without a mandate, successive governments have signed us up to binding treaties that have tied us into deeper EU integration.

The Remainers speak about democracy and the right for a nation to change its mind.

However, they can’t wait to continue signing our future away to binding treaties that will lock us into the EU, preventing us as a country from changing our minds in the future.

They claim its too difficult to decouple ourselves from the EU refusing to accept that the patriotic British electorate put the long term aspirations and democratic freedoms before their short term economic interests.

So, the voters of Hornchurch and Upminster now have an opportunity to let the establishment politicians know how they feel by voting David Furness on the 12th December 2019.

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