Brexit Showdown Day: Leavers versus Remainers

Saturday 19th October is Brexit Showdown Day.

Houses of Parliament seen from across Thames river with the words Brexit Showdown: 19th October 2019

MPs gather today in Parliament for a rare weekend vote on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

It’s a vote that could decide our future.

Additionally, thousands of bitter Remainers will march in London from Park Lane to Parliament.

The so-called People’s Vote March has the slogan: Let us be heard.

The marchers believe the UK is in crisis, and the march may be the last chance to make their shrill voices heard.

These sore losers are demanding a People’s Vote — not a general election but an anti-democratic second referendum.

When Owen Smith, Labour MP and former Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, was questioned by BBC Radio, he immediately rejected the Brexit deal.

He admitted that he had not read the complete details of the deal.

He then called for a second referendum with the option to remain in the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn also rejected the Prime Minister’s deal without even reading it!

Also, Labour MPs who vote for the deal have been threatened with deselection at the next general election.

Additionally, Jo Swinson and the anti-democratic Liberal Democrats rejected the deal within seconds.

Most MPs are Remainers, and, therefore, the Boris Johnson deal could be voted down.

Also, the DUP has indicated its disapproval of the deal.

This latest deal is not a final deal but merely an agreement to turn to the next stage of talks on the UK’s long-term relationship with the European Union.

Therefore, some Leave MPs believe that voting for the deal now could allow another vote at a later date to get a No Deal.

Brexit Showdown: Remainers want a second referendum

The Remainers are hoping Parliament will reject the deal and then require the Prime Minister to ask for an extension by enforcing the Surrender Act.

Their ultimate goal is to force an anti-democratic second referendum.

Of course, they want the option of Remain to be on the ballot paper.

However, this option is anti-democratic!

We have already decided in a people’s vote (European Union Referendum 2106) that we wanted to leave the EU.

Therefore, the only democratic option now is to decide if we want to leave with a deal or no deal!

Saturday 19th October 2019 is Brexit Showdown Day!

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