Brexit is our destiny! British people want freedom

Brexit is our destiny.

Democracy wins if leaving the EU does happen; if it does not happen, then it’s just a dictatorship.

If Brexit does not happen it will be because their supporters gave up too easily and accepted the noisier demands of the Remainers.

It is difficult to trust those who are lying so obviously, and whose views are so desperately at odds with the reality that surrounds the rest of us.

The idiotic Liberals, who have no sense of patriotism, want to love thy neighbour but are not able to see the knife he’s carrying; when they do see it, they still are wanting to embrace him.

David Cameron’s downfall was not that he granted a referendum, but that he thought we never needed a referendum.

The politicos (I hesitate to call them ‘elites’) are so far out of touch with the lives and aspirations of ordinary people, that there had to be a change.

We don’t have that change yet, but it is undoubtedly coming.

One thing that you can count on is that the Left will never become gracious losers and set their feelings to one side for the good of the Nation.

They will never apologise, never admit that they were wrong, and never work together with adversaries in the spirit of any good-nature; after all, that would be the adult thing to do.

The BNP’s Press Officer David Furness said:

We, the hard-working, law-abiding taxpayers, the decent people who have a love of our country, its culture, heritage, history, and traditions, have voted to leave the EU.

We voted for Brexit and we’ll get Brexit; nothing less will suffice.

The lefties, who have put us all in danger with their policies, can go to North Korea.

Brexit is our destiny!




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