BNP’s David Furness interviewed on talkRadio

Recently, the Talk Radio station known as talkRADIO interviewed David Furness of the BNP.

Launched on 21 March 2016, talkRADIO is a national talk radio station in the United Kingdom.

It’s the sister station of national station TalkSport.

At the start of the interview, the host Jamie East said: “I don’t particularly like the far right.”

He then introduced the BNP’s Press Officer David Furness.

David then threw a spanner in the works by rejecting the suggestion that the BNP is ‘far right.’

Instead, Furness explained that the BNP is a ‘centrist’ party because its policies are in tune with what the majority of people want.

For example, most people believe that immigration has gone too far.

Additional, the majority supports the BNP’s call for a ban on the burqa (burka).

BNP—the original Brexiteers

Furness also explained that the BNP are the original Brexiteers and that over 17 million people voted to leave the European Union.

David told talkRADIO that the British National Party is growing; this seemed to upset the radio presenters.

The BNP’s Press Officer explained that there is a growing disconnect between the mainstream media and the public, and people are turning to alternative media to learn the truth.

“The truth is subjective” whimpered one of the radio presenters.

David Furness then stunned the radio presenters by saying that the American mainstream media predicted Hilary Clinton would be President of the USA.

This prediction was the mainstream media’s ‘truth’ with a 97% certainty.

However, David turned to alternative media to discover the real truth—Donald Trump was going to win!

Consequently, Furness put a bet on Trump to win the Presidency, and he made a handsome profit.

Grooming gangs

Jamie East denied that the British National Party played a significant part in the exposure of grooming gangs in many northern towns.

Marlene Guest

It’s true that a journalist (Andrew Norfolk) from The Times broke the story in the mainstream media.

However, this was only after years of campaigning by the BNP, and in particular by the late Marlene Guest.

After hearing about what was going on, The Times reporter initially took the decision not to investigate.

Political correctness held him back.

Andrew said, “‘I allowed my liberal fear about giving succour [assistance] to the BNP to act as a brake on doing my job.”

Search Engine Optimisation

David talked about his knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how it was a source of satisfaction when a BNP article appears higher in the Google search rankings than a mainstream media article.

Somewhat baffled by this ‘tech talk’, Jamie East then asked David to give some examples of recent BNP articles.

The BNP’s Press Officer obliged by mentioning a few articles:

Discover 100 politically correct words and phrases

Video: Nothing to fear from a no-deal Brexit

Demographic Jihad: Just a matter of time?

Despite the hostile questioning, David Furness stood his ground, and eventually, the Talk Radio presenters threw in the towel and ended the interview.



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