Billionaire investor George Soros admits EU is on the brink of collapse

Billionaire globalist crook George Soros has admitted that the European Union (EU) project is on the brink of collapse.

Soros has voiced his concern that the EU was in an “existential crisis” and was in genuine risk of falling apart.

“For the past decade, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong,” he wrote in a blog for Project Syndicate.

In his analysis, Soros claims that huge cracks appeared after the 2008 financial crisis.

In the aftermath of the event, the EU effectively divided into two, he deduced; on one hand creditor nations and on the other, debtor nations.

Creditors set the conditions that the other nations had to meet – which they could not.

This set the stage for animosity in the bloc, all the while destroying any sense of equality and “ever closer union” between the member states.

As a result, claimed Soros, voters across the continent were now throwing their support behind popularist nationalist political parties.

The outspokenly anti-EU US President Donald Trump was also to blame, he said.

Trump’s withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal effectively destroyed NATO, piling more pressure on an already beleaguered Europe.

Soros’ globalist organisation the Open Society Institute (OSI) played, and continues to play, a huge role in engineering and funding the flooding of Europe with countless millions of Third Worlders, and scheme it calls the ‘Refugee Crisis’.

The OSI allegedly engineered the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ and the ‘Orange Revolution’ in Ukraine and poured vast sums into ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, among countless other scurrilous operations to undermine nation states.

For his malevolent meddling in state affairs, Soros’ apparently has a warrant out for his arrest in Hungary and been banned from operating his organisations in both Hungary and Russia for being a “threat to national security.”  

It appears that in the likelihood that the rotten political class betrays the British people on Brexit, there’ll soon be no EU to leave.

Dutch nationalist leader, Girt Wilders clarified what was a stake prior to the Brexit referendum:

“Like in the 1940’s, once again Britain could help liberate Europe from another totalitarian monster, this time called ‘Brussels’.

“Again, we could be saved by the British.”

Thanks to dedicated patriots, including all those in the BNP, we’re winning in the fight for freedom.

Leaving the EU is one of the founding policies of the BNP since 1982.

The BNP is the ORIGINAL anti-EU political party in Britain.

Isn’t it time you counted yourself in the winning team.

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