Bexley BNP has excellent meeting about Immigration

Earlier this week our Bexley branch held a local meeting.

Chairman on the night was the local organiser, Mike Jones.

Before introducing BNP Press Officer David Furness as the main speaker, Mike thanked Mr Furness for all the hard work, time and effort he puts into our party.

David highlighted the reasons why both Labour and Conservatives will never stop immigration and also explained some of the myths of the so-called ‘benefits’ of immigration.

Furthermore, he added that the British National Party will stop all further immigration until we can sort out this immigration mess.

David’s speech will be available to watch next week.

We then had a short break with a buffet and refreshments.

The second part of the meeting started with veteran nationalist Tess Culnane speaking about some vital community work she is currently doing in her local area.

Tess also spoke about the need to save our country for future generations.

Next up was branch secretary Peter Finch who briefly explained branch communication updates.

Then Christine Freeman gave a talk on her recent trip to Malta where she met with the leader of the Maltese Patriots Party.

Christine spoke about the ‘Defend Europe’ ship that has been sailing European waters to stop illegal immigration.

The C-Star vessel had reached the Mediterranean island of Malta on route to Cyprus.

However, the Maltese government refused access to their territorial waters leaving the crew unable to restock or refuel.

The Patriots of Malta then swung into action.

After urging supporters to donate, the Patriots arrived with donations of water, food, and fuel.

The operation was a great success.

A discussion and a Question & Answer session rounded off a great evening of the BNP Bexley branch meeting.



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