Video: Anarchy in London 1909-1911

During 1909 and 1911 there was anarchy in London.

Britain had welcomed revolutionaries and anarchists from all over Europe. This open-door policy had unforeseen consequences.

The Liberal government at the time regarded these anarchists as ‘political refugees’.

Three events between 1909 and 1911 brought anarchy to the streets of London:

  • The Tottenham Outrage

  • The Houndsditch Murders

  • The Siege of Sidney Street

Anarchists in London

Anarchy in London: Anarchists in a shootout
Anarchists had a motto: Never Surrender!

In 1905 after a failed uprising in Latvia, anarchists sought sanctuary in Britain.

Political assassins from all over continental Europe came to London to seek refuge.

The Liberal government allowed these anarchists into the country even though many of them had committed murder!

Anarchy in London (1909-1911): Causes

Before World War One, the leading economic power in the world was Britain.

So, the ruling elite had self-confidence and also arrogance; they believed that foreign anarchists were not a threat to Britain.

The Liberal government rolled out the welcome mat to anarchists, political dissidents, and assassins from all over Europe.

Unfortunately, this open-door policy had unwanted consequences, and it left a trail of destruction throughout London.

This liberal attitude still exists to this day.

The British public soon realised that these ‘refugees’ were not freedom fighters – they were ruthless anarchists who wanted to overthrow all governments by any means necessary.

Giving refuge to these anarchists was an early form of virtue signalling.

The Liberals wanted to make Britain a sanctuary for all the world’s oppressed.

Unfortunately, the Liberals assumed that the anarchists were only trying to overthrow despotic governments.

They did not understand that an even more oppressive government might replace a tyrannical government.

The above incidents all happened over a century ago, but it all sounds very similar to the events taking place right now.

Look at what happened in Iraq, and Libya.

The British government called Libya’s leader Gadaffi ‘a tyrant’ and helped to overthrow him — Libya is now in chaos.

Likewise, the British government called Iraq’s leader Sadam Hussein ‘a tyrant’ and helped to overthrow him — Iraq is now in a worse situation.

Therefore, Liberal governments should be careful what they wish for.

For a fuller explanation: Anarchy in the UK (1909-1911): A Forgotten History


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