All-female Islamist terror cell proves political class a threat to public safety

On Friday, 18-year-old “British Muslim” Safaa Boular was sentenced to ‘two life’ sentences for planning to massacre as many of her fellow British citizens as she could.  

Along with her mother, Mina Dich, 44, and her sister, Rizlaine Boular, 22, Boular was found guilty of plotting a terrorist knife attack on the ‘kafir’ at London’s British Museum.

Styling themselves as the “sisterhood in jihad”, the family were in close contact with Islamist terror group Islamic State (ISIS) in the Middle East.

The two daughters had previously tried to travel to Syria with one planning to marry an ISIS terrorist who discussed with her online about her wearing a suicide bomb belt.

Having come to the attention of the British intelligence, they were prevented from traveling from Morocco to Syria and allowed instead to return to London.

Safaa Boular was sentence to ‘two life sentences’ but is expected to serve just 13 years – paid for by the British taxpayer who she planned to murder.

Rizlaine Boular was sentenced to a ‘life sentence’ but was ordered to serve just 16 years – paid for by the British taxpayer who she planned to murder.

Mina Dich received an “extended sentence” and will serve less than 7 years – paid for by the British taxpayer who she planned to murder.  

Earlier this month it was revealed that 22-year-old Manchester Islamist bomber Salman Abedi, was “rescued” from the civil war in Libya and returned to Britain by the British Navy.

Back in Britain, he blew to pieces 22 concert-goers, including children, and severely injured 139.

“For this man to have committed such an atrocity on UK soil after we rescued him from Libya was an act of utter betrayal,” the Daily Mail quoted their Whitehall source as saying.

– Did the British people give their consent to have these people living among us – No, the politicians forced them on us!

– Did the British people give their consent to have our homogenous British culture ripped apart by their failed and divisive Multiculturalism – No, the politicians forced it on us!

So why the surprise from politicians?

Because the political class in Britain has submitted in its entirety to Globalism – an increasingly outdated world view in which everyone is a fellow ‘citizen of the world’, all cultures are equal and can live side by side in a ‘melting pot’.

They choose to ignore religious differences while attemting to eradicate Christianity.

Globalism has failed!

Brexit was a sign, the election of US President Trump another, and the rapidly growing anti-immigration and popularist movements in the West and the election of nationalist governments in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Italy among others, further proof.

It’s extending beyond the West too, demonstrated by large protests in South Korea forcing the government to backtrack on forcing the South Korean people to pay for so-called and host so-called ‘refugees’ from Yemen.

We, the British people are left with an increasingly out-of-touch and despised political class and their governing authorities which, by way of their disastrous immigration policy and Political Correctness, have already proved themselves a significant danger to the British public.

The BNP is the ONLY political party which fights against the traitorous political class to keep Britain British.

With the increasing rejection of the tired and failed old Globalism and its ill-conceived “New World Order”, a new notion, termed Retraditionalisation by scholars, is on the rise and set to take its place.

It’s a notion entirely in keeping with the BNP’s nationalist policy.

The BNP has always been ahead of the trend, and this time is no exception, but we need YOUR to support to grow and save our country – because together we’re stronger!

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