Abbott – Britain needs more disabled immigrants

Everyone’s favourite racist pantomime villain, Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, has surpassed all her previous imbecilic statements by demanding that the Home Office meets an imaginary quota for taking in handicapped asylum seekers.

Figures obtained by The Independent show that 5.2% percent of ’refugees’ are classified as having disabilities and learning difficulties.

This is a problem according to the leftwing rag, which confidently announced that “more than one in five people escaping the conflict are disabled” despite failing to carry out a survey of all those fleeing Syria, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

That would be too scientific.

Instead, they simply cited estimates made by the World Health Organisation that 15% of the people worldwide would be classified disabled and deduced that it must be the same for Syria.

Did you know?

“Intellectual disability (ID), also known as general learning disability, and mental retardation (MR), is a generalized neurodevelopmental disorder characterised by significantly impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning. It is defined by an IQ score under 70 in addition to deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors that affect everyday, general living.” Wikipedia

Consider that Syria has an average IQ of 83, which means that probability of a significant number of people from the country falling below 70 is high.

Consider too that a significant number of sub-Saharan African nations have an average IQ that falls below 70 rendering, by these internationally recognised standards, most of these countries inhabitants are classed as mentally retarded, yet they are expected by native and foolish liberals to integrate into Western and European nations which generally has an average IQ of 100.

For having not met the non-existent quota, Diane Abbott claimed it was yet another “all new low” for Britain.

One wonders why Abbott is still living in a country of the people who she claims “invented racism” and continuously torments and victimises her for being “black” and a “woman”.

Abbott is surely better off in her parents’ country of origin, Jamaica.

Surely there she’d also be fast-tracked to the top of the opposition political party and paid a huge wage along with bonuses.

Then again, Jamaica has plenty of black people so she wouldn’t receive the special privileged status that her skin colour brings her in British politics.

In her frenzied opportunism to accuse white people of discriminating against anything and everything non-white, the gaff-prone Shadow Home Secretary appears to think that the British government has been turning away Muslim migrants because they’re handicapped.

The British government and its mainstream media (MSM) have been so eager to bring in Muslim ‘refugees’ that it even began treating the entire British people as blind simpletons by attempting to pass off hundreds of fully grown, grizzled and smirking Middle Eastern men as “Syrian children”.

No, the reason why there are fewer disabled ‘refugees’ than expected is because those flouting international law by undertaking the long journey across countless countries to exploit the benefits of Soft-Touch Britain do so because they are physically able to do so.

Abbott clearly expects that Theresa May’s Tory government should be following in the path of Blair’s Labour Party by setting up agency offices in Third World countries to recruit Third Worlders to emigrate to Britain.

Of course, Britain owes these people nothing!

Has Abbott considered that all of her disabled immigrants would plausibly be unable to join the workforce and would constitute yet another burden on the British taxpayer?

Of course not, all she cares about is polishing her halo at the expense of the British taxpayer and moving one step closer to rendering indigenous Brits foreigners in their native homeland.

The motivations of the pro-Immigration camp should be viewed with suspicion, but something particularly stinks about those of immigrant backgrounds who work tirelessly to ship in millions of more immigrants.

For the source of the vile odour, look no further than Diane Abbott and the odious Labour Party.



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