100 years on – fighting tyranny, invasion and foreign rule

Today we remember our Heroes who gave their lives that we might be free from tyranny, invasion and foreign rule.

100 years ago today, a lone piper sounded before dawn to mark the end of the “war to end all wars”… and what became known as World War I.

This Centenary of 1918’s Armistice Day, our special focus is on the sacrifice that our ancestors made for their country, so that their children, grandchildren and generations of Brits to come, might enjoy their freedom and self-determination.

While those who laid down their lives have earned their well-deserved rest, their struggle continues.

Today, it’s not aggressive imperial powers seeking to overthrow nations with industrial military might, it’s cowardly politicians in Brussels and London selling out our nation to their globalist paymasters.

It’s the attempts to destroy our Heroes’ Britain through the relentless flooding of our country with Third World hordes.

It’s the capitulation to the European Union project and the betrayal of the British people by the political class.

There is hope!

The BNP has been fighting to save our nation, our unique and precious culture, and everything it entails for the past 40 years.

The courageous men and women that comprise the BNP fight on in the spirit of our Heroes.

100 years on we have a job to do – Save our country from the tyranny of the political class, the invasion of Islam and the foreign rule of the Brussels political elite.

If we fail, our descendants – our Heroes’ descendants – don’t get that second chance.

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