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Teach Yourself Nationalism - 

A new permanent feature on Britain´s most popular political website


The December issue of Freedom introduces a new feature into the British National Party´s newspaper and political armoury. ´Teach Yourself Nationalism´ will take up a page in every issue of Freedom, giving readers a simple and concise introduction to the big political issue in the news at the time.


This printed version will include links under the bnp.org.uk/tyn url, which will bring readers who want to learn more straight to the right page on the website.


As time goes by, we hope that the Teach Yourself Nationalism section will become a Do It Yourself training course on nationalism and the Big Issues made both simple but also with plenty of scope for readers to use the Internet to find out even more.


In fact, the very word ´educate´ comes from the Latin e ducere, meaning ´to lead out´. As everyone who every enjoyed lessons with a particular teacher will remember, the best teachers don´t try to cram ideas into pupils´ heads so much as encourage them to think and explore and learn for themselves.


TYN aims to do the same thing, and so will generally concentrate on providing links where readers can find out more for themselves. So you can make up your own mind, rather than taking our word for it.


This does mean that not everything in every link can be guaranteed to be 100% accurate or 100% party policy. We will probably even include from time to time some things we definitely do not agree with, in order to stimulate thought and debate. 


So don´t take the links we provide as Gospel. Rather, use them as a starting off point, a springboard for your own Internet voyage of discovery into facts that the Power Elite, the BBC and the old politicians would rather you didn`t know, and into the ever-developing world of nationalist ideology.


The First Issue


With the global economic crisis never off the news these days - and with the elites responsible doing their very best to make it all sound so complicated that everyone switches off and leaves it to the ´experts´ (i.e. them, the ones who caused the mess in the first place!), this just had to be the first TYN instalment. So the text below is as it appeared in Freedom, just to refresh your memory.


The new material is in the links at the end of each section. Good hunting, and please let us know what you think of this initiative in the Comments Section. Your ideas for fine-tuning it and making it even more useful will be gratefully received and studied with interest.

Friday 03 January 2014 The Deadly Twins

Editors' Introduction:

This essay on Distributism and the BNP's critique of globalist capitalism is not published in response to any particular news item. In fact, it was first written by BNP Chairman Nick Griffin shortly after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, for use in political training seminars in the newly-liberated Baltic States. Mr Griffin recently made a number of minor changes, and we are pleased to publish the essay for a much wider audience, in the hope that it will stimulate debate on the kind of economic system which is required to create the true nationalist community of communities which must be the basis of the new social order that nationalism aims to establish after winning State power.

Sunday 12 February 2012 Teach Yourself Nationalism - Syria

As part of our ‘Teach Yourself Nationalism’ series, this video shows up some of the lies being told against Syria by the pro-Islamist BBC and other controlled media outlets in their drive to give war-mongers like William Hague the chance to bomb another Arab country as part of their neo-con agenda to remake the Middle East.

Wednesday 14 December 2011 The Global Economic Crisis

The politicians make the big issues sound complex, in the hope that people will leave things to the ‘experts’. Truth is that the problems they’ve caused can be put right with simple Nationalist solutions. Each issue we look at a current news story, and explain how our Nationalism will make Britain better...