Nick Griffin: It is a pleasure being attacked by Peter Tatchell

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Nick Griffin, British National Party Leader, declared that it is a pleasure to be attacked by Peter Tatchell who is an apologist for paedophiles.

The statement made by Mr. Griffin was motivated by an article published today on the London Evening Standard on page 17 under the title "Tatchell mocks 'Queen' Griffin.


The British National Party Leader added that ordinary homosexuals are increasingly aware that the only real threat they face is from the rise of Islam and said that 'we only want to stop homosexuality being taught in school'.


Islam wants to stone all homosexuals to death, explained Mr. Griffin, indicating that stunts like the one planned by Mr. Tatchell for the Gay Pride Parade due to take place in London on July 2nd, 2011, verges on heterophobia which, like its twin Christianophobia, is on the rise.