Housing & Welfare

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With tens of thousands of our people homeless, including thousands of ex-servicemen and their families we need a radical plan. The BNP has developed a serious nationalist policy for putting right the housing crisis. 

The financial crisis created by the banks is being used as an excuse to complete the stealth transformation of our locally controlled council housing into privatised corporate rent-for-profit empire. The BNP oppose such looting of British assets.

We will:

  • Implement a land tax on hoarded building land to ensure that more ‘brownfield’ land is developed
  • Remove VAT on house repairs to encourage renovation instead of demolition and new build by corporate developers
  • Permit Housing Associations to become housing management agents for empty properties for a 15 year lease
  • Provide tax breaks for all new developments to Code 6 standards (full insulation, etc) using modern technologies and construction methods
  • Create a massive building programme for low-rent social housing that would both create jobs and new homes


Looking after the most vulnerable sections of our society is a fundamental principle of the BNP. 

We will:

  • Expand the working tax credit system to enable British workers to have families without being forced to give up their jobs
  • End the scandal of foreign companies deciding eligibility for disability benefits 
  • Crack down on those who seek to defraud the taxpayer by making false claims, and assist all those with genuine need
  • Scrap the ‘bedroom tax'