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The BNP economic policy is based on cutting expenditure on all projects which do not serve British interests.

These include the huge annual costs spent on ‘global warming’, Immigration, asylum, and EU membership and £12.4billion on sent abroad in ‘foreign aid’ each year.

We will:
• Ensure globalist corporations pay their share of the tax burden
• Raise the inheritance tax level to £1Million
• Reduce council tax by scrapping politically correct council functions and ‘diversity’ schemes

• Rebuild Britain’s skills base by offering generous subsidies to students who study engineering and sciences
• Build social housing to reduce the transfer of public funds to private landlords in the form of housing benefit
• Create a coordinated ‘base technologies project’ to make Britain a world leader in the key economic areas of the future

• Coordinate research efforts between universities and private companies
• Encourage greater spending for research and development by both private companies and public institutions