Leftists squeal over nationalist advance

Sun, 29/04/2012 - 05:00
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"The Left are squealing like stuck pigs. We always knew they would, which is one reason we've put in all the work it's taken to bring the Alliance of European National Movements together."

This is Nick Griffin's response to hysterical and blatantly undemocratic calls from left-wing MEPs from all over Europe for the recently awarded funding for the nationalist confederation which the British National Party has helped to set up together with parties and elected representatives which share our broad world-view in a dozen European countries.

"The Alliance has been awarded 289,266 Euro as its share of a total 'pot' for all such parties for 2012 of over 22 million Euros. The best thing about this is that the money we have secured comes off what the other pan-European parties would have received, so it's not costing the unfortunate taxpayer any extra.

"Nationalist voters will be delighted for our Cause to get this sort of rebate - after all, our taxes have been funding the Conservatives, LibDems and Labour through this little-known backdoor for years.

"That's what makes it so hypocritical of MEPs such as Labour's Claude Moraes and the LibDem Andrew Duff to run squealing about our funding and try to get it removed. Huge numbers of voters don't approve of the policies and actions of their parties either, but they're all too happy to take their share - which is nearly 2 million Euros this year for Mr. Duff's European Liberals" Mr. Griffin points out.

Funding for supporters of mass murder

The Communist/Sinn Fein group within the parliament, the strangely named Nordic Green Left, is this year set to receive a whopping 835,049 Euros for its Party of the European Left. But Mr. Duff hasn't uttered a word of protest about that.

The President of the Parliament, German Socialist Martin Schulz, is delighted with the 4.32 million Euros awarded to his European Socialists group (which includes Claude Moraes), but has written to Commission President Barosso "to underline the urgency of the revision of the legislation" in an effort to cut off Alliance funding for next year and the 2014 European elections

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, in contrast, has taken a more measured and democratic approach: "Call them what you will, under the rules they plainly qualify for their portion of the money. Having failed to find any legal grounds for witholding the grant, leftist MEPs now propose to do so by a simple majority vote in the chamber

The Tories belong to the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists, which will receive 1.29 m Euros this year. The European Peoples Party, to which they used to belong, is set to take the biggest slice of all, a staggering 6.48 million Euros.

UKIP hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the left is mirrored by that of UKIP. Nigel Farage has claimed that UKIP is not involved in a pan-European political party, but the European Alliance for Freedom was only able to receive 360.455 Euros for this year because Farage gave the OK for UKIP's Godfrey Bloom to sign up to the group.

The EAF includes groups such as Italy's fiercely anti-immigration Northern League and the Austrian Freedom Party, which takes a strongly pro-Israel line in a vain effort to shake off media accusations of being 'neo-Nazi'. But without the help of UKIP's Mr. Bloom, the EAF would have failed to cross the threshold for EU funding.

"I don't blame UKIP for taking part, because if their voters are entitled to have a pan-European party representing their views come 2014," says Mr. Griffin, "but it's typical of the snake oil salesman Nigel Farage to use deceit to pretend that they are not there when the reality is that the EAF would collapse without his tacit blessing.

"We, by contrast, are unashamedly up front about working with fellow nationalists in Europe who share our goals of restoring sovereignty to our nations, giving our voters a full and democratic choice, and putting forward constructive alternatives to all the problems created by the globalism and internationalism of the old parties.

"The first tranche of our 2012 grant is already committed to building a multi-lingual website and Internet video news channel," explains Mr. Griffin, who is Vice-President of the Alliance of European National Movements. "We are also working towards a series of conferences and the establishment of a permanent co-ordination office in Brussels.

National Resistance

"Not a penny of this money can, or will, be spent on the BNP or any other national party. But it will all be used to help build a coordinated national resistance to the perpetual attack by the Europhiles on the democracy, sovereignty and traditional diversity of the nations of Europe, Britain included.

"Naturally, we will do everything in our power to resist the leftist offensive against the right of patriotic voters to have a pan-European party to represent their views. But even if they succeed in this assault on democracy, we will keep going.

"In a way, we win whatever happens. Because the more noise they make, the more attention they draw to the fact that they set up the whole system of taxpayer-funded European parties for their own benefit. If they manage to cut us out, they'll be exposed as a corrupt and totalitarian political mafia.

"In contrast, as austerity cuts slash services for ordinary voters, we nationalists have a message that will become ever more attractive:

"Abolish the whole federalist concept of pan-European parties and scrap every last Euro of all their funding, ours included!"

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